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What is CAMglomerate?

Join the CAMglomerate Tweet Exchange Program.
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CAMglomerate is a mutually beneficial, synergistic partnership of cam models helping each other promote their cam feeds utilizing a conglomerate of Twitter accounts to reach more potential customers on Twitter - the more models enrolled, the larger the audience for your tweets.

In addition to your tweets being posted on the Twitter timelines other models enrolled in the Tweet Exchange Program, your tweets will also be posted to our Twitter timelines to all our followers and members at @SquirtNetwork and @CamRegistry!

Why use CAMglomerate?

Easy To Enroll

Simple To Use

Realtime Data Statistics & Analytics

Increase Reach & Audience

Increase Followers on Twitter

More Paying Visitors To Your Cam Room

Post Pictures & Videos With Your Tweets

Write Your Own Custom Tweets

It’s absolutely, 100%, Always FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

CAMglomerate is a FREE, revolutionary tweet exchange marketing program which utilizes the Twitter timelines of webcam models enrolled on the SquirtNetwork and Streamate cam sites to expand your audience and reach of your tweets exponentially. The larger the reach and audience for your tweets, the more followers you will get on Twitter and the more paying members will get to your cam room. When you post a tweet on CAMglomerate, it will be sent out to the Twitter timelines of all those enrolled in the CAMglomerate Tweet Exchange Program with a link directly to your cam room.
CAMglomerate is a tweet exchange program. Basically, how CAMglomerate works is you're exchanging your timeline for models to be retweeted to your followers in exchange that you get to tweet to ALL their followers. If you want to see how many followers your tweets will be delivered to, please see the “Current Follower Reach” count at the top of the website.

CAMglomerate is a free service. The method of content delivery allows for CAMglomerate to remain free for the models to use and keeps CAMglomerate online so models can continue to use it.

If for any reason, you do not want to retweet other models’ posts on your Twitter timeline, you can unsubscribe at anytime. There is no disadvantage or risk to using CAMglomerate or retweeting, in fact, retweeting is an integral part of social interaction on Twitter and significantly improves your social media presence. To better help understand the benefits of retweeting, please read this article: https://marketingthink.com/4-reasons-why-retweeting-needs-to-be-a-part-of-your-content-marketing-strategy/
While there are many other Twitter services which tweet when you go live on cam, they are all pretty basic with generic tweets and none of them offering the options or reach that CAMglomerate does. The name of the game here is reach. Reach is the number of people you touch with your marketing message or the number of people that are exposed to your message via an advertising medium or a promotional campaign. The more people that see your tweets (reach), the more followers you will get on Twitter and the more paying members you will have visit you on cam. In addition, CAMglomerate allows you the ability to write your own tweets, post pictures, post videos, and view the stats of your tweets (tweets, follower growth, retweets, favorites, mentions) so you can better curtail your future tweets based upon the results of previous tweets. Each time a new model signs up to the CAMglomerate Tweet Exchange Program, the audience grows by the number of followers that model has and the more reach your tweets receive.
Sure, you can write your own tweets which you can post to your Twitter account, but consider this: Your reach will be limited to the number of followers your Twitter account has rather than our gigantic network of followers. More is always better. Using CAMglomerate will get you 25X more engagement on average than posting to your own timeline to your own followers.
Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and is a very powerful marketing tool when utilized correctly. But we certainly understand that developing followers and converting them to paying members is a laborious, time consuming task. Thus why we made CAMglomerate so models don’t have to worry about gaining followers and marketing on Twitter and allows models enrolled the opportunity to reach a larger audience than ever imagined before. Give us a chance- all you need to do is log in once and we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the results and how easy it is to use.
One of the great features about CAMglomerate is that you are able to write your own tweets so long as they don’t violate our Terms of Service. You can even post pictures and videos with your tweets. Be creative and have fun.
The CAMglomerate system is designed to allow models to post tweets only when they are live on cam. The goal here is to get more paying members to your cam room and it’s hard to do that when you’re not live on cam.
How many times you can use CAMglomerate depends on how long you’re on cam for. To prevent spam and abuse of the system, we only allow models to post 1 tweet per hour with a max of 2 tweets every 12 hours. With how massive the reach and audience is for each tweet on the CAMglomerate network, more than 2 tweets per 12 hours would be excessive.
We currently support SquirtNetwork and Streamate as well as affiliates of these cam sites. Click here to create a model account.
Yes, but you are required to have no less than 500 followers.
Allowing subscribers to post links opens up a can of worms for spam and abuse and therefore links are not allowed. We’ve designed the system so that your personal cam link will be automatically generated in the tweet. The service is free after all. We have to support it somehow and that's done by directing traffic directly to the cam site.
You can post hashtags.
You are allowed 1 Twitter account per cam model account. We suggest using a Twitter account associated with your cam personality.
You can unsubscribe at anytime. Just go to your Twitter account settings, click on Apps and “Revoke access” to the CAMglomerate app. Your account will not be authorized again if you unsubscribe 2 times.
You can contact us via the following methods:
Direct Message on Twitter @CAMglomerate.
Email us at info@CAMglomerate.com
or simply CLICK HERE.
Simply scroll to the top of this page, click "Login With Twitter" and authorize the CAMglomerate app. Once you authorize the application, you will be sent an activation agreement in your Twitter DMs (Please make sure you're following @CAMglomerate). Once your account is approved, login to CAMglomerate and you'll be taken to your own personal Tweet Deck where you can begin adding Followers and gaining customers with the CAMglomerate Tweet Exchange Program.


In less than 60 seconds, increase your Twitter followers and cam visitors every time you use CAMglomerate.


The first and only marketing and promotional tool of its kind.


Tweet pics or a short video to increase your engagement by an average of 313%.


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